Health Tech


Chill Out with The Apollo Neuro

Chronic stress makes us sick & makes it harder to recover. When left unchecked, chronic stress increases your risk of developing ...

Relax Your Mind and Body with Muse

Relaxing after a long intense day can be hard. Even when you do get a chance to, the mind can’t seem ...

Be on the Lookout for The Body Scan

*This device is not yet available in the US. Caution: Investigational Device, limited by Federal (or the United States) law. The ...

Space Tech


China testing asteroid deflection capabilities

Projected for 2025 or 2026, China will be testing its very first repelling of an asteroid with a kinetic impactor test. ...

Kinetic launch company SpinLaunch and NASA sign Space Act Agreement

SpinLaunch created the Orbital Accelerator, a low orbit accelerator that uses centrifugal force to launch satellites into space. Its steel vacuum ...

Aquarian Space Aims To Bring High Speed Internet To the Moon and Mars

Startup Aquarian Space has received seed funding to bring high speed internet to the moon and then eventually to Mars. The ...

Media Tech


H2L creates a wristband that inflicts pain in the metaverse

Japanese startup H2L Technologies has created a wristband that pushes out electric shocks while users traverse the metaverse. This wearable wristband ...

The PROTO Epic and M. The holographic device for the metaverse.

Found in more than 20 countries around the world, Proto (formerly known as PORTL) pushes a new hologram technology that teleports ...

holoride. The hyper-immersive VR experience by Audi.

Audi has been working on an immersive experience for when people travel in their latest cars. The holoride Gmbh offers a ...

Must Read


Worlds First AI CEO Robot

Metaverse company Fujian NetDragon Websoft out of China has appointed its Chief Executive Officer as a virtual robot. ...

Control Your Healthy Food Intake with HydroArtPod

People have many, justified concerns around their food these days: pesticides, preservatives, loss of nutritional content during cross-country ...

3D-printed prototype designed for SpaceX Starship

SAGA Space Architects built the tallest 3D printed living module for space environments. Using sustainable materials and measurements ...
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