holoride. The hyper-immersive VR experience by Audi.

Audi has been working on an immersive experience for when people travel in their latest cars. The holoride Gmbh offers a rider with a virtual reality headset to experience travel a bit differently than the norm.

“We took relevant data points like location, speed, steering, acceleration, and braking – and matched these with artificial environments. By doing so, we not only created a perfectly motion-synchronized journey through virtual worlds but something radically new that entertains backseat passengers in an unseen way,” says Nils Wollny, co-founder and CEO of holoride.

The haptic feedback of someone driving will manipulate the VR experience that someone is experiencing. Audi first released this technology at 2019’s CES in Las Vegas, in conjunction with Disney’s Games and Interactive Experiences division. This complete integration of car movements and the VR experience completely engulfs a user, with supposed less motion sickness.

Starting June 2022, select Audi models that have the 3rd gen modular infotainment toolkit (MIB 3), and the latest software update will be holoride-capable. Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States will be the first to experience this off the lot. Following along will be the European Union, Canada, Japan, and China.

Here may be another way to soothe the kids on the long ride, or easily jump into a business meeting within the metaverse.

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