The PROTO Epic and M. The holographic device for the metaverse.

Found in more than 20 countries around the world, Proto (formerly known as PORTL) pushes a new hologram technology that teleports your image. Enclosed to its 4K touchscreen lifesize box, the 7-foot tall PROTO Epic displays a 3D-sized visual with high fidelity sound with a sensor-enabled motion camera. While its upcoming PROTO M will offer a similar experience as a standalone desktop module.

In addition, PROTO has created a cloud-based service that lets users “Upload and schedule your live and prerecorded content with PROTO Cloud. Manage your PROTO units individually or as part of a global network. Low latency, high-speed, streaming platform beams your content anywhere in the world.” It also offers the ability to film using a smartphone camera that can then be projected to one of its 3D unit displays.

From education, telemedicine, business communications, shopping experiences, fitness, and art installations PROTO is changing the way people look at broadcasting, including travel.

If you can’t be there, beam there.

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