Be on the Lookout for The Body Scan

*This device is not yet available in the US. Caution: Investigational Device, limited by Federal (or the United States) law. The ECG and Nerve Activity Assessment features for this device are subject to change following CE/FDA clearance*

Withings, a longtime innovator in health tech, will add some interesting new features to its latest smart scale. 

Enter The Body Scan.

The Body Scan smart scale can, like previous models, detect information about your body composition, including how much of your body is fat or muscle. 

Unlike previous models, the new design can check specific body parts. 

In addition to letting you measure your progress at the gym more accurately, the scale can take a 6-lead ECG using a handle near the top of the scale. 

The Body Scan is expected to launch in the back half of 2022 however, the timing may be subject to change.

The Body Scan has advanced sensors embedded in the handle that is able to scan the torso, arms, and legs to give a precise picture of body composition and overall fitness.

The Body Scan features a patented technology developed by Withings. 

Data from several sensors are able to quantify the speed at which the waveform travels along the arteries. 

From this estimation, and taking other health metrics into account, advanced algorithms are able to calculate and deliver a personal Vascular Age—a straightforward take on a complex vital sign.

The Body Scan can record an electrocardiogram (also known as ECG or EKG) and detect signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib).

 It is a form of arrhythmia that can be damaging to health if left undiagnosed.

To start an ECG measurement, simply hold the handle during the weigh-in. In 30 seconds Body Scan can record a 6-lead ECG.

Results appear on the screen and ECG records appear in the free Withings app along with color-coded feedback. 

The Body Scan’s technology developed by neurologists assesses small nerve activity in the feet. 

Body Scan runs the measurement seamlessly and provides instant feedback.

Overall, the data recorded by Body Scan will help promote health and wellness by:

  • Help personalize health plans–Take more meaningful action with data powered programs
  • Connection to care–Share data with healthcare professionals anytime and anywhere
  • In-Depth Metrics–Find all data, as well as trends and relevant insights

The suggested retail price for Body Scan is $299.95 / €299.95.
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