3D Printed Rocket Handles Full Thrust

On April 21, 2022, at the NASA Stennis Space Center, the business that specializes in 3D printed high-performance rockets and orbit transfer modules, Launcher demonstrated nominal thrust, along with a pressure and oxidizer/fuel mix ratio for the very first time in its E-2 liquid rocket engine.

Launcher E-2 Injector test with heat sink combustion chamber and LOX heat exchanges (SOURCE – launcherspace.com)

E-2 is a 3D-printed, closed-cycle high performing liquid propulsion engine. In development for a new 2024 launch vehicle, the Launcher Light, which is capable of boosting 150 kg of payload into low Earth orbit.

E-2’s design is a 3D-printed copper alloy and liquid oxygen cooled into a single form. To combat supply chain issues and rising world costs, Launcher uses copper chromium zirconium alloy (CuCrZr) and is the first company to pioneer the largest 3D print format (100 x 45 x 45cm) 3D printing process. Teamed up with AMCM using their industrial M4K 3D printer. Also, E-2’s co-axial injector is 3D-printed with the Velo3D Sapphire.

In early May, Launcher will aim to increase performance by improving efficiency from 90% to 98%. This past 40-second thrust test showed zero damage to the propulsion cone.

To read more details; visit the Launcher blog post.

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