Breathe Better and Stronger with Airofit PRO

What’s the first thought that comes to mind after a devastating workout, when you’re completely out of breath?

Usually, it’s that you should work out more, and get in better shape.

It’s exactly what most people think.

There might be some truth to it, but unfortunately, that logic is flawed.

From Founder Christian Poulsen:

“That’s fighting the symptom instead of addressing the problem at its core. After discovering respiratory training and seeing incredible results, we decided to make it accessible to every athlete around the globe.

Once we saw the benefits that athletes could gain, we decided to take it to the general public so everyone who has ever run out of breath can now enjoy the everyday benefits of breathing training.”

This is where Airofit comes into the picture.


Airofit is a respiratory training system that improves athletes’ performance through tested breathing exercises.

Whether you’re running, cycling, swimming, or simply want overall better wellbeing; an improved respiratory system will benefit you.

The best part – is it will only take 10 minutes a day as Airofit is designed to be used separately from other physical activities.

Airofit is the first and only truly smart breathing trainer on the market.

Airofit also measures your vital lung capacity and breathing muscle strength. We take all that data as a baseline for your training and enable you to start and progress through your training correctly.

Airofit is also the only breathing trainer that goes beyond simple respiratory muscle training (RMT).

Airofit address other aspects of breathing, like Respiratory strength, Vital capacity, Anaerobic threshold, and relaxation.

All of this ensures the user trains harder, recovers faster, and most importantly – performs better.

The beauty of Airofit is that it can and should be used by anyone – from Olympic athletes to amateurs who just want to become better versions of their current selves.

But the mission of Airfoit does not end there.

Athletes are not the only people who breathe.

Airofit is here to enhance your quality of life. Whether you do sports, run out of breathtaking the stairs, or suffer from asthma or COPD, we do it for you.

How does it work?

The Airofit Breathing Trainer provides adjustable airflow resistance to your respiratory muscles. It measures your breathing volumes and strength and sends data to your Virtual Breathing Coach on your smartphone.

Airofit is designed to be used separately from training and other physical activity. This means that you can use Airofit at any free moment – before bed, at work, after a gym session or whatever suits you best.

What does the app do?

Airofit mobile app acts as a virtual breathing coach, giving you a personalized training program based on your selected focus area, as well as your baseline lung function measurement.

It then considers your data, your age, size, and gender to tailor each training session. The app gives you live feedback and ensures all exercises are performed correctly.

Your training data is stored in your account which gives you an overview of your training progress over time.

Compatible with iOS and Android.

Airofit offers 17 unique breathing training sessions.

They have worked with leading breath experts to develop various training sessions that target different areas of your breathing, like increasing your Accessible Vital Lung Capacity, improving your breathing muscle strength, boosting relaxation, and others.

More Perks

Anyone can get a One month of FREE Premium features which includes:

Goal-specific training programs, advanced statistics, and training tips.

This includes personalized breathing programs for sports, including:

Cycling, Swimming, Running, Triathlon, CrossFit, OCR, Golf, Basketball, Football, Tennis.

In addition, Airofit offers 5 programs for wellness:

Relaxation, recovery, sleep, stress, and improved immune system.

Usual price: Membership: $7 per month or $40 per year

The Science

Full Research Study:

Last Bit

There are currently two offerings for Airofit: The Pro Bundle and Active

Pro Bundle: $299 (Originally $400)

Active: $129

For more information, go to

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