Canon’s upcoming enterprise headset, the MREAL X1

The MREAL X1 is the next-gen upgrade to the MREAL S1; which came out in early 2021. Designed to work with CAD (computer-aided design) for the industrial industry; the MREAL X1 has a field of view that’s 2.5 times larger (58° × 60°) than the previous MREAL S1 (45° × 34°) and has passthrough augmented reality (AR).

Another upgrade has the MREAL X1 display resolution per eye at 1920×2160; the previous model MREAL S1 displayed 1600×1200 per eye.

The headset seems to of stayed relatively the same; with its head strap system and front facing knob. The unit still swivels upward out of view and then pivots downward for front face placement. Canon is offering their handheld display handles where you can conveniently hold up the device instead of wearing it.

Source – Canon

Other companies diving into visual devices such as Microsoft, Magic Leap, and Meta are not publically pursuing augmented reality devices. Canon, which has been manufacturing sensors for decades has positioned itself to be the leading company in passthrough AR. Blending real-world imagery with virtual images of varying opacity.

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