Gain Resistance Strength with MAXPRO

MaxPro Fitness Equipment is the ideal solution for those looking to replace their gym equipment with a well-put-together machine that can be taken anywhere. 

The new full-body workout offers an effective yet easy option for people of all fitness levels.

Home gym fitness solutions have been a rising trend since well before the pandemic but certainly picked up a bit in popularity the past year while so many were stuck at home.

As far as home gym equipment goes, the MaxPro fitness system can easily fit into a large backpack. 

Dubbed the gym of the future, MaxPro created a truly portable experience that is perfect for smaller apartments, traveling, or for those garage gym conversions. 

You don’t have to find a ton of extra room around your home to make the MaxPro Smart Connect work for your lifestyle.

MaxPro is a company based in Detroit that took the engineering from the automotive industry and put it into custom home gym equipment. 

Their goal was simple, create an at-home piece of equipment that can deliver a solid workout with numerous versatile options.

MaxPro was featured on SharkTank, season 13. 

The founder talked about creating the device first as a doodle on a napkin and then recruiting a team of expert engineers to make the MaxPro a reality. 

Essentially this home fitness gym is a portable smart cable system featuring a Bluetooth connection to use with the MaxPro app that keeps you fit and provides real-time feedback. 

You can exercise focused on burning fat, toning muscle, stretching joints, or simply staying active. 

The total resistance is around 300 pounds and can be adjusted to fit your style.

Everything in the MaxPro is based around the SmartConnect platform you stand on where you make most of the equipment resistance adjustments.

The MaxPro SmartConnect is also an excellent solution for those people living in tight quarters. 

MaxPro does a decent job compacting the entire device into a small form factor, so you don’t need a ton of room.

The primary market for the MaxPro SmartConnect fitness system is at-home workout enthusiasts who either cannot get to the gym all that often for scheduling conflicts or just don’t like the gym scene.

This home workout system is also great for people who like to review their workout routine status. 

There is no minimum experience needed with the MaxPro. 

The weight system and accessories work for the low weight of 5 pounds all the way up to 300 pounds of resistance. 

Whether standing or pulling from the door, the MaxPro uses a system of smart wires that can be adjusted to different weight resistances. 

The MaxPro is primarily a concentric-focused home gym equipment. You only feel resistance as you pull away from the base, not as it returns. 

The Specifics

  • Small footprint at 10″L x 16″H x 4″W
  • 9 pounds and very portable
  • Variety of resistance settings
  • An All-in-one machine can work for different muscle groups

Last Thoughts

There are two options to choose from when purchasing the SmartConnect – the standard machine or the elite bundle. 

For the standard machine, you’ll pay just under $900. With that, you’ll receive the MAXPRO SmartConnect, Quick Connect long bar, workout handles, set of ankle and wrist straps, door mount system, and USB charger.

The elite bundle is under $1,600 and includes additional things like a foldable bench, wall track, jump trainer belt, suspension handles, foam roller, an exercise mat, and the MAXPRO Backpack. 

You can get the SmartConnect in one of two colorways – Sport Orange, or Raw Metal. 

The SmartConnect ships free and there are financing options available through affirm

You can choose to pay the SmartConnect off in 3, 6, or 12 months with a 0% APR starting at just $117 per month.For more information go to

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