If You Can’t Quit Smoking, READ THIS!

iMorph smart-health technologies give smokers a healthy alternative/choice when it comes to quitting smoking.

It replaces drugs and other harmful chemicals and instead, gives smokers a psychological edge.

Who is iMorph Smart Technologies?

iMorph was formed uniquely to converge existing smart technology with automated self-help psychology and personal affirmations to help a large population of people ceases or minimize undesirable personal behaviors they may have. 

CigFree SmartBand™ is their initial, unique flagship product smoking cessation solution. 

It is an automated wearable smart band for smokers who want an all-natural, healthy, and affordable non- nicotine, non-drug, non-invasive way to quit smoking.

They have state-of-the-art technology that leverages machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to help people quit or minimize smoking.

It learns their individual smoking gestures and habits in real-time.

It becomes their personal health assistant, anticipating when they will smoke and alerts them with their personal positive affirmation messages before or as they are smoking and most in need.

CigFree performs 1,000,000 plus mathematical calculations every second to detect the correct gesture from all non-smoking gestures. 

iMorph has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning to make CigFree unlike any other product on the market.

Major Highlights from the Company:

1. Returning personal behavioral health choices to individuals using wearable smart technology.

2. A core team of more than 100 years of business, public health, and software development experience.

3. CigFree has completed a prototype solution and designed an IRB clinical efficacy study for launch.

4. CigFree learns your unique smoking gesture and alerts you with a personal message to choose the health.

5. CigFree is an all-natural non drug, non-nicotine, healthy low-cost solution to quit smoking/vaping.

6. Biggest competition is from expensive toxic addictive nicotine replacements and drug products

7. Their next smart health product is an eating reduction solution entry into an $80 billion diet market

Currently, the company is raising money.
For more information on the company go to: https://wefunder.com/imorph.technologies

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