Control Your Healthy Food Intake with HydroArtPod

People have many, justified concerns around their food these days: pesticides, preservatives, loss of nutritional content during cross-country shipment, and inaccessibility to fresh, local food due to high cost or simply a lack of it in the stores close to them.

As a result, many people want to get more control over where their food comes from by growing it at home, but aren’t able to.

Many are looking for a convenient, smart, sustainable way to harvest at home. They want to ditch pesticides, packaging, and low nutrient content (all year round) without getting their hands dirty. 

Enter: the HydroArtPod.

The team behind HydroArtPod wants everyone to be able to afford fresh healthy produce 365 days of the year. 

As parents, they know that people care about their kids learning how food grows and developing healthy eating habits at a young age. 

They support people in tracking their nutritional intake and personal carbon footprint savings as they seek to live more sustainably.

What is HydroArtPod?

The HydroArtPod (HAP) is a smart indoor growing garden kit enabling anyone to grow their favorite vegetables at home. It’s elegant, efficient, and automated; as easy as making coffee!

HydroArtPod is a lifestyle product that provides a ready-made solution to people on weight-loss programs, those focused on sports & nutrition, parents wanting to feed and educate their children, and urban dwellers who struggle to access fresh, locally-grown food.

Their vision is to give every home an easy, convenient way to eat healthier, save money and reduce their impact on the environment.

HydroArtPod is a complete hydroponic growing system – everything the user needs to harvest at home in an easy, fun, and reliable way. There’s no soil and no mess.

The HydroArtPod device has enough room to grow 30 plants at once. Intelligent software analyzes water and nutrient levels and the app (iOS and Android) tells the user when action is required: No monitoring, measuring, or knowledge is required!

HydroArtPod is made for busy people – no messing around at setup, just hang it on the wall (or use it in Stand Mode), fill the tank with water and plant food, plug it in and add the SeedPods. Couldn’t be easier – literally, it couldn’t! 

The app tells the user when to harvest them.

The device also comes with everything the user needs to grow: seedpods & plant food. Customers can use their own seeds and plant food if they wish. 

Their business model is not like printers – over-priced consumables for a captive market. 

They can’t guarantee results with their own consumables though, and they won’t get all of the automation benefits.

As a bonus: HydroArtPod users save money! Because users are growing their own food, HydroArtPod helps them save money from their weekly shopping bills.

Major Highlights from the Company:

  1. HydroArtPod helps you to eat healthier, live more sustainably, and save money
  2. The first stage of the product launch generated $100k+ in revenue
  3. Now LIVE on Indiegogo InDemand: >500% funded
  4. Raised $210K already, including sustainability-focused accelerator (Masdar/BP joint venture)
  5. 60% margin on subscriptions for consumables
  6. Up to 60% of US households now grow food at home since the start of the pandemic
  7. $17B addressable market, with the global hydroponics market growing at 22% CAGR to 2025
  8.  Manufacturing partner selected and ready to tool up

Currently, the company is raising money.

For more information on the company go to:

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